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Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker

Game play 
To start the game a bet has to be placed on ANTE box. One may place bets on all boxes at the Poker table. When playing on several boxes, a player may look only at one „hand“. The rest of his/her „hands“ remain „blind“. For „blind hands“ both bets – ANTE and BET have to be placed in the beginning. 

The dealer deals five cards to each player and himself/herself. To the players the cards are dealt face down, the dealer’s fifth card is dealt face up. After dealing, the player may draw 1 or 2 cards for „open hands“ by paying the equivalent of one or two ANTE-s. Then the player must decide whether 

· put the cards with a double ANTE bet on the BET box and continue the game, or 
· to fold and lose the initial bet, after which the dealer shows his cards. 

If the dealer has at least Ace/King, the prizes depend on other players’ hands. 

If the dealer has the highest hand, neither of the player’s bets win. 

If the player’s hand is higher than the dealer’s 

· ANTE wins 1:1 
· BET wins depending on the hands: 
- Royal Flush 100:1 
- Straight Flush 50:1 
- Four of a Kind 20:1 
- Full House 7:1 
- Flush 5:1 
- Straight 4:1 
- Three of a Kind 3:1 
- Two Pair 2:1 
- One Pair 1:1 
- Ace – King 1:1 

If the dealer has no hand, the player has two options: ANTE wins regardless of the value of the player’s poker hand or the player may draw for the equivalent of ANTE’s value a new card to replace the dealer’s highest card. If the dealer still has no hand, ANTE does not win. 

Chips may be bought for cash at the table. When buying chips from cashier, you may pay by a credit card.. The cashier also exchanges foreign currency. Minimum and maximum bets differ from table to table, which have the relevant information on the board by the table.